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>> joe: melendez has been very patient, mike. that's one thing i'm impressed with with his approach. he's definitely fighting at his pace. benson manages to avoid the takedown. gilbert takes it to him. >> mike: continues to push forward. michael goldberg, joe rogan. coming up after this fight, your late local news except on the west coast. second round, fight scheduled for five five-minute rounds, the champion benson henderson in the white trunks. the challenger, gilbert melendez, the strike force champion in the black trunks. very even round one. to the body. ufc lightweight championship on the line here in our main event. >> joe: seen a bit of blood trickle out of the nose of the champion. from the punches of gilbert melendez. just missed. battle to the center of the octagon. that knee to the body again. >> mike: henderson trying to throw -- >> joe: this fight is really heating up nice. inside elbow by benson. >> mike: that's two elbows that landed for the champion. >> joe: gilbert with the leg again, but not able to hang on to it. >> mike: 30 seconds left in the second. picking u
quote two children and we both told joe biden we didn't have extra tickets for tonight's event. >> we have the best zingers. as the president and comedian go head tooted? whto -- head to head. who won? "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ >>> good sunday morning, everyone welcome in to "fox & friends." we didn't get the tickets to the white house corps respondencorrespondentcorrespon. our own alisyn camerota was there so coming up, she will share her photos and experiences from the white house correspondents' dinner. ali is a terrible photographer. last year, she shared photos. no heads. they were of half an eye and a
brian kindle of the plantation, florida police quickly learned the key facts. joe morrissey had been brutally stabbed to death in his own home while his wife, kay, and young son had escaped. the detective spoke briefly with kay. >> she gives me a brief synopsis of what happened that night. >> believable? >> at that point, yes. that's the only thing that i had to go on at that point. >> kay told the detective that a man had entered their home sometime after 11:00 p.m. and began a reign of terror that started with tying joe and kay's hands and feet with zip ties and ended with the murder of her husband and their house on fire. kay's story suggested a robbery gone bad. to figure out for himself what had happened, detective kendall worked from the outside in. >> what did you see as you got here to the front of the house? >> the screen to the window right over here was leaning up against the house. there was a vertical slice down the middle of the screen, and this window was wide open. >> and that's how kay told you the guy first came into the house? >> that was the entry area where the s
.i.t. police officer killed by the boston marathon bombing suspects. we'll hear more from joe biden and bring new information on how the bombs were detonated. this is "way too early". thank you for being up with us this april 25th. we are looking at the relationship between the marathon bombing and legislation on immigration reform. the questions lawmakers are asking that could put the proposal in jeopardy. george w. bush talks about his brother's bid. what he thinks of a bush-clinton match up in 2016. let's get to the top story at porock. before we get to the boston investigation. two fuel barges near mobile, alabama leaving three critically wounded. they decided to let the barges burn overnight creating a safety zone around the area. the cause of the blasts have not been determined. we know one of the natural gas barges was docked in the mobile river. dramatic images of the explosion. now to the latest in the boston marathon investigation. we are learning more about what u.s. agencies knew about the tsarnaev brothers before the attack. russian authorities asked u.s. intelligence twice about
. along with joe and me, and toom failed in the senate yesterday and very emotional reaction in washington including a frustrated president obama and show that to you. as a public service, in our opinion, we feel the need to read all of the names of all the senators who voted no on the issue. an issue supported by 90% of americans. we have a three-hour show and take the time to show you all of those names and perhaps a symbolic disconnect between washington, d.c. and the rest of the country. >>> the investigation into the boston bombings. lots of confusion with some media outlets incorrectly reporting an arrest had been made. pete williams is the best inf te business on this stuff with us ahead on the investigation. with us on the set is mark halpern and former governor howard dean and mike barnicle still in boston and in washington, the huffington post, sam stein. first the latest in west texas. i have reports coming in, joe, say the place looks like a lair literally war zone. charles hadlock has the latest. >> as you reported, the briefing ended here. >> reporter: we will have another on
successfully is to identify or challenge and get really bright creative minds like joe, and you start working with union square and you discover and help everybody be successful and you find john, who gets this going. you get all of these discoveries like people in the city like john, who has been there year after year operateing the whole convention visitor center and you start to putting things together and more each year things get better and better. when you see success, there is so many examples of our success in working together and cooperating together that you get a whole hotel group of owners together and they are paying for an expansion of the convention center. that's going to make us world class competitors with places because of the size. so they know how to get things done and know that our city is much acknowledging that this is the most important employment center, the tourism center for the city, it continues to be, we have natural beauty but we also have beauty because we all work together to get that great experience going and for this center to be refurbished, technology w
'll be over soon. she'll let you know. "morning joe" starts right now. . ♪ >>> kevin without question, i'm not sure i could have or the players gotten over that emotional trauma if he didn't say to me, coach, i'll be fine, we've got to win the game. and he said it three times, i said, hold on, i've got everybody in. i'm not sure any of us could've beaten a team like duke unless he gathered us together. >> a lot of people didn't expect us to get this far. and a lot of people didn't expect us to get past the second round. and, you know, we fought. we fought all the way up until this point. but louisville was a better team today and they were deserving of the win. >> hey, hey. good morning, it's tuesday, april 9th, welcome to "morning joe." congratulations to louisville. i'm too old to stay up that late to watch these games anymore. we'll watch highlights later on. >> right. >> we'll pretend we were very moved by the triumph of the human spirit. >> adversity. >> tough season. >> with us now, jon meacham, the author of "thomas jefferson: the art of power," the book that pushed bill o'reilly
. thanks, dan. "morning joe" live from washington, d.c. and happy belated birthday to joe right now. ♪ >> a former republican congressman in florida is now a talk show host and he is very popular. he has a program called "morning joe." here's what "morning joe" has reported as having said. scarborough tears into gop filibuster on gun bill and says, i quote, is anybody awake in my party? >> well, there goes the primary election. >> everybody is awake now, joe! >> on set with us is msnbc political analyst and former chairman of the republican national committee michael steele and senior political editor and white house correspondent for the huffing post sam stein and nbc washington correspondent kelly o'donnell. >> i hope i'm on tomorrow morning because this is something to talk about. >> it's going to be hard to explain in the next primary. the gun showdown is beginning in earnest now. the senate will consider whether or not to debate and a threat to filibuster the bill by a group of conservatives is losing stream. several republicans and democrats are knocking down the idea saying
chairman of ubc, joe, we are talking about the business types and how it affects folkings -- folks average psyche and gives them pause. had it gone on much longer and wide spread, the imentpact economically -- impact economically would be severe. >> that's what happens if more and more incidents such as this, it would have locked down the whole country as it did boston. >> joe, you said the not with standing, you were worried already about the underlying fundmentals of the economy and market. what did you mean by that? >> separating the two, the economy and the markets are kind of acting like on one side slow growth particularly on the revenue side world wide including china and we understand the dependence on what is happening with the feppeds -- feds with the zero cost of money . on the other hand, we have an issue of people looking for a safe haven. united states is probably the safest democratic country right now and a growing acceptance that interest rates will go up. particularly in 2014 . they are rotating on the bond and going into the equitty conflict. you have a good news/bad new
and then send it back to the house. puppies are rough too. great show, everyone. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >> i think what was the game changer in the minds of the american people saying enough is enough is what happened to those beautiful babies up in sandy hook. look. joe this is one of the cases where the public is so far ahead of the elected officials. i mean so far ahead. you saw it in immigration, you saw it in major issues and you're seeing it now. the public has moved to a different place. >> it's a big day for the debate over guns in america as the u.s. senate opens the first round in the showdown over new legislation aimed at reining in the violence. at 11:00 members will hold a vote to begin the debate on the bill. 60 votes are required to move the legislation forward. if that happens the first matter of business will be the background check compromise from senators joe manchin and pat toomey. it's a bipartisan plan that has triggered new moment on capitol hill although the future is far from over. welcome to "morning joe." we have sam stein with us this morning. former dir
, reverend. take care. >>> ahead, hillary clinton and joe biden share the stage and it has everyone talking. 2016. and the o'reilly/rush feud is getting bigger. wait until you see who bill is going after now. >>> and ted cruz has it all figured out. you'll have to hear his latest conspiracy theory about the president. i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free -- it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. super poligrip free made the kiwi an enjoyable experience. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. made the kiwi an enjoyable experience. trust your instincts to make the call. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in
can't lieu news, and we have lee fang, and joe williams. great to have you all here. guys leme also read you president obama's quote here, so you get a contrast between the n.r.a. and president obama: cenk: so, joe let me start with you on this one. it looks like president obama as usual says ok, it's incredibly weak and watered down, but i'll take it. later on, he seemed to say that he would champion it whereas the n.r.a. says great, we got you to water it down completely, we till won't take it. isn't this a microcosm of what's been happening between conservatives and progressives for at least the last 12 years? >> well, and even more acutely over the last four to eight years, or four to six years so far, because every time a compromise gets proposed that would move legislation forward to actually what the people want, not so much what democrats or progressives want, but what the people want, it seems the forces on the right manage to throw sand in the gears, water things down, monkey it up and what we're left with is not even half a loaf. at this point i guess president obama is r
to apologize. >> mixed pretty much around the building and see what "morning joe" has to stay about it. that starts right now. ♪ >> kim jong-un here he what he had to do monday is threaten to destroy america. first thing in the office, today is the day. when he does that, you say, oh, i hope he don't do that. the more you think about it, they are not going to -- north korea is like a carnival cruise, for the love of god. you know? they are not going to destroy anything. they got no electricity and no plumb is and no food and no fresh water and don't know where they are going. >>> good morning. it's friday, april 5th. welcome to "morning joe." we are so glad it's friday. with us on set, we have senior political editor and white house correspondent for the huffington post, sam stein. and msnbc political analyst and vice president and executive editor of, richard wolf. senior national correspondent from bloomberg "businessweek," josh rain. good to have you on board this morning. >> sam is complaining because he doesn't have sam stein. >> why not? >> he thinks he should be impo
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. washington full of emotion on gun control. senator joe manchin with families from the newtown, connecticut school shooting. >> i'm a parent. >> the first lady talking to students about the tragic shooting of hadiya pendleton. and on capitol hill. >> victoria soto, age 27. >> william leroy burton jr. >> a vigil reading the names of victims of gun violence. later this morning we will see if a threatened filibuster will stop or slow down a vote on the gun bill. a more likely deal struck by joe manchin and republican pat toomey would expand background checks on gun shows and online sales. it includes easing restrictions on interstate gun sales. >> you can pass all the laws that you want and the criminal element is going to sit back and smile. >> background checks include broad polls and in washington it's still in limbo. more action on the national mall this time on gun control. we have shooting victims later this morning who are laying to lay out a memorial to people who have been killed in gun violence. their aim here is to get lawmakers not just about voting on these issues but to really fe
sitdown coming up on "morning joe". good morning. i'm bill karins. this is "way too early." gun control topping the headlines this morning, april 11th. a senate vote on the gun issue is scheduled for later this morning after senators joe manchin and pat toomey suggested a compromise on background checks. both conservatives and liberals are criticizing the budget plan. speaker boehner said he's impressed with parts of the plan. is this the first step towards an agreement? we're just hours away from a vote on a gun violence bill in the senate. it will allow the debate to begin on the senate floor. it will be the background check compromise from senator joe manchin and toomey. it does not call for checks between family members and neighbors. bipartisan compromise is giving legislation new life. they both have a ratings from the nra. they say it's the right thing to do. >> i'm a gun owner. and the rights that aren sidelined in the second amendment are very important to me personally. my record shows this. i've got to tell you candidly i don't consider criminal background checks to b
is on them. joining me now is victoria and j joe madison. thanks for being here. >> thanks, rev. >> victoria, a new report shows todd akin and allen west spending. where does this rank in the tea party hypocrisy hall of fame? >> well, there's a big dose of hypocrisy. when we're looking at the tea party, one of their main tenants is about getting government out of your life, not managing your day to day and one of the other issues for the tea party has been abortion and curtailing women's choice. governor rick perry here in texas who keeps advocating that he's not going to outlaw texting while driving because he thinks it's an example of government micromanaging your life and yet the government seeking to have abortion we have curtailing and they can't get it together. they are talking out both sides of their mouth. >> joe, isn't it true that when you deal with the hypocrisy around spending, which is personified around akin or west, or as we just heard from victoria when you've got the tea party saying that this government is too big and the right saying we shouldn't be regulating this, regul
israel and turkey. hillary clinton and joe biden sharing the same stage and trying to quiet all that talk about their 12016 competition. >> vice president biden and i have worked together on so many important issues. i know what a personal victory it was to see him to see the violence against women act reauthorized last month. >> there's no woman like hillary clinton. hj hj -- and that's a fact. >> with gun legislation stalled, president obama hits the road today, colorado tries to boost public support, as a new poll shows, one in six americans want stricter gun laws. >>> from the appalachian trail to the comeback trail. in victory former governor mark sanford thanks the woman he ran off with, now his fiancee. >> i thank you, is guess to my fiancee for her long suffering, as she put up with me being on the road for more than just a few months. >>> it is official, 24 hours after a mutual tease on late night, nbc has just announced jimmy fallon will be replacing jay leno after his 22 years in the chair of that iconic program. in addition, the show will move to new york, and will be executiv
hannity, how are we doing? >> sean: i used to be friends with joe. joe used to be a conservative. let's start with joe's ripping of the nra 'cause it's relevant to the new nbc joe. let's go back and look at the present joe. >> break through the bs here. this is not for the nra about second amendment rights. this is about gun manufacturers making millions and millions and millions of dollars, it's about retailers making millions and millions and millions of dollars. do you know how much money these people have made over the slaughter of 20 innocents in newtown? do you know how much richer these rich gun manufacturers have gotten over the past month? and how the nra uses that tragedy to gin up fears and web sites use that tragedy to gin up fears that they're coming to take your guns away? >> sean: all right. what's your gut reaction because we have joe back in his congressman days, now he's doing the liberal morning joe show and he's the nbc version of what a, quote, conservative is. what do you make of that? >> well, i think there are two issues going on here. one is if you take that p
they can come up with. thank you so much, john. "morning joe" starts right now. >> a.j. cla demente was fired ar his first day. [ bleep ] he is proud to announce he is come able to curse for you. for a nominal fee a.j. clemente will curse at your event, birthday party, bar mitzvah or just to tell that special someone you love her. [ bleep ]. >> act now and get half off appearances by tiger woods. don't delay. book today! >> that's just -- i'm excited because alex did come through for me for once. >> finally. >> yeah. he'll be on today. on the show. >> a.j. clemente? >> the cursing fired anchor. >> the a.j. clemente. >> if you're a fired anchor, no better place for you to be than on the set of "morning joe." >> this is the epi center of, it my friend. >> let it rip, a.j. >> blanking f-bomb epi center. all right. >>> i'm thinking about getting into the twitter. >> are you? getting into twitter. >> really? >> sometimes things go bad on the twitter. >> holy cow. >> yesterday, i'm look at the "usa today" and, wow. so what happened yesterday, willie? >> mike barnicle. >> associated press
of vickys, so i am glad to know you. and if lil lair tee was a bowl of trail mix, it is comedian joe devito. and in russia he is considered a meat pie, bill schulz. and if musical genius was a check i would blow him on a ski trip with friends. next to me, musician and record producer andrew w kay. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. be ready to be informed and entertained, america. >> his exdidn't give a -- an f. the boston bomber was a bad boyfriend. the ex-girlfriend of tamerlan said when she heard he was killed she, quote, didn't cry. in an interview with "the sun" , not the thing that gives us light and heat, they revealed that she ended her three-year relationship with the older brother represented here as usual by a drawing of dog poop. he physically assaulted her foregoing to a pool party wearing cutoff jeans and a crop top, what joe wears after the show. she called the sudden transformation, quote, one minute he is a normal guy who likes boxing and having fun. and then praying four times a day. it is supposed to be five, actually, watching islamic videos and watching insan
a first time against, joe machi. and bill schulz. and he was just fired from sabaro. con grat -- congratulationses and thanks for ironing your clothes, jesse joyce. did you mistake a brick for an iron? >> oh dear. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. have a great show, friend. >> he has had a change of heart our announcer. he is now giving us gifts. >> it is nice to be nice. >> he is back and he is boring. every man, woman and mythological creature that works on "red eye" rejoiced for anthony wiener has returned to twitter. on monday after a two-year hiatus, the disgraced congressman hopeful posted his first tweet from a new account. alass it was a lame link to proposal 64 ideas to keep new york city the capital of the middle class. that is exciting. the 48-year-old fun lover confirmed the new handle was his. noting, quote, it seemed like a fresh start was in order, especially in light of all of the new ideas around which i am hoping to drive conversation and debate. oh god. well, the little scamp is nothing if not appreciate. you though who else hasn't been told wie
. of course we've seen this on the football field. joe theismann comes to mind. you know what the scene was like between duke and louisville. due to the graphic nature we decided not show the actual play. with 6:33 to go in the first half. tyler horn ton hid a three-point, kevin ware attempted to block the shot. landed on his right leg and snapped. tibia and possibly fibula break. teammates wrought. coach pitino in tears. ware was taken to the hospital and is doing well. when the game resumes, mason plumlee all alone for the alley-oop. louisville with the lead at the half then dominates the final 20 minutes. russ smith hat 23. seive into, fearless on the drive. cardinals take the lead, part of a 20-4 run. 85-63 the final. teammates posing with ware's jersey. they're on to atlanta, which is his home city. pitino saying the sophomore will return possibly a year from now. >> i'm real proud of the team. i don't think any of us, with what we had to witness, could have overcome it if it wasn't for kevin ware, 12 times, saying to the guys, eye'll -- i'll be fine. win the game. >> trey burke, t
have been there to intervene. in mare co county, arizona, sheriff joe arpaioa hen posse of gun-toting civilians are the guardians of good, or so they believe. but not everyone believes. my co-anchor terry moran reports. >> reporter: at a high school just outside phoenix, arizona, a mad man stalks the hall. it's just a training exercise, but this is every parent's worst nightmare. >> on the ground! these men are learning how to fight the next school shooter. >> can't wait that long. >> reporter: and oddly enough their coach .is 19 0s action film legend steven segal. >> for every second that goes by, i told you, you could have dead children. >> reporter: he knows a thing or two about simulated shooting. but he's not acting here. he's a full fledged member of maricopa county's official posse, under the leadership of sheriff joe arpaio. >> we'll be training, trying to neutralize domestic terrorists without firearms and with firearms. >> reporter: the county's posse will protect the county's schools. it's the highest profile gambit from the man they call sheriff joe. >> if we have t
nightly broadcast. i gotta watch where i aim this thing. [laughter] but then i watched today's coffee joe morning and the funky bunch. [laughter] jim? >> we will speak with mark sanford coming up in a few minutes and be sending an invitation out to elizabeth colbert bush. >> she has her own show. >> it's going to be "morning joe" versus "colbert report." [audience reacts] >> stephen: oh, it is on. [laughter] "morning joe" versus "the colbert report." did i want this fight? no, but this morning-- >> they drew first blood, not me. [laughter] [cheers and applause] [laughter] >> stephen: of course, in some ways, it's always been "morning joe" versus "the colbert report." though, technically at that time of the morning, my network runs a p-80x commercial. >> p-90 x uses the advanced science of muscle confusion. >> stephen: yes, it's all about the muscle confusion. [laughter] whereas joe's show is just about confusion in that sometimes people confuse it with news. [laughter] but not this morning, 'cuz this morning was just pure infomercial for his old buddy, mark sanford. >> i've been a good fr
is back to us. fox news contribute joe trippi. can you name one of the captains on the religious right that wants blacks in the back of the bus, women back in the kitchen and immigrants back on the other side of the border? can you name one person, sir? >> no, i'm not interested in playing that game, sean. >> sean: wait a minute, it's not a game if you're a conservative that is cost stantly-- >> well. >> sean: wait a minute. >> to get me to do it. >> sean: it's not a game when conservatives are accused falsely of wanting dirty air and water, not caring about old people, wanting to kill grandma and children that have autism and down syndrome. that's not a game anymore, joe. this is now your democratic party. this is the daily rhetoric that we get out of the democratic party and the democratic media. >> yeah, okay, sean. well, first of all, i haven't done any of those things that i'm aware of and second of all, not all democrats do that and, by the way, no one on the republican side ever accuses anybody of anything, so that's okay. >> sean: give me an example what you're upset about. >>
for me to do that i need to bring in my panel. we have joe williams from political reporter commentator and of course, national coverage editor--whatever reporter with politico. i'm reading all of these. and beth fouhy for yahoo news, and kevin cirilli. you can tell i'm in a fun mood. we want to give you an update. everyone knows that the younger brother was caught on friday after a shootout. i was watching all of joe's tweets on it. that's how i found out about it, literally. but let's watch that on abc. >> the bomb suspects now facing the death penalty. among those who lost their lives, 29-year-old crystal campbell the first of the victims to be laid to rest. the search for an explanation as the fbi questions 19-year-old suspect hospitalized, wounded in the neck but writing some answers. >> cenk: oh so now guys there are would aspects to this. first, the white house and government over all and the fbi used the public safety exception in the beginning to say that they did not have to read him his miranda rights. and then this morning a magistrate went to his hospital room finally read
it there on his skates. that kind of stuff happening all across the country. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ you'll hear me when i say oh that love ♪ ♪ >> new yorkers and boston, obviously, have kind of a little bit of, you know, a competition oftentimes the two cities accusing each other of various levels of suckatude. but it is in situations like this that we realize it is clearly a sibling riffwrithe riy and we are your brothers and sisters in this type of event as the city that knows the feeling of confusion, anger, and grief and chaos that comes with these events, i can tell you from personal experience, you got a hell of a city going there. and you've done an incredible job in the face of all this. >> nice. good morning. it is wednesday, april 17th. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set, as we look at more scenes from the tragedy in boston, we have msnbc and "time" magazine senior pliolitical analyst mark halpern and steve rattner and in boston, mike barnicle. in washington, washington anchor for bbc world news america, katty kay. good to have everyone back here in new york as well
so good ♪ >> good morning. it's monday, april 22nd. welcome to "morning joe." with us on the set, msnbc contributor mike barnicle and the president of the council on foreign relations, richard haass. that was beautiful. >> beautiful. and, mike barnicle, you have spent your entire life going to boston red sox games. i would guess that no game emotionally, no game, even given the past glories, was as emotional and is just epic as the game on saturday as -- because willie and i always joke about, hey, if we -- the worst thing in the world can happen to a city and dumb sportscasters will go, three hours, jim, this city forget there was a nuclear blast. >> something different was going on there. >> here, it can only happen in boston because boston is a one sports team town. at the end of the day, the sox that pull the entire team together. >> fenway. >> and fenway, the cathedral to a city. it had to be an amazing day there. >> it was. it was an amazingly emotional afternoon. it was a cathartic moment. a baseball game happened to have been played but it was if a tiny basilica on the ba
to generation. and it's part of the fabric of people's lives. chris: and now it seems, joe, everybody seems to -- in politics, everybody is mr. careful. mr. joe biden the vice president you norwood your shotgun. it seems like we're starting from the idea of we're a cowboy country, cowboys carry guns. >> we've become a wimpy country because these gun advocates at the n.r.a. want these semi automatic weapons, and you seen marshall dillon only used one shot. what do they need those bullets for? they just don't feel very strong. chris: what about the culture? the cowboy thing? >> well, i think that's at the root of it. but there's something else that's going on now that is really, really dangerous. and it's this festering sense that we need to have these semi automatic weapons because the government in washington is about to oppress us. and that is paranoia that these groups like the n.r.a. and gun owners of america they feed this crap and it really is anti-american. chris: this country is unique. i always tell people the good part about being cowboys is we're self-reliant and we're -- we're ou
-called bipartisan compromise from senators joe manchin and pat toomey that expands universals background checks to gun shows and internet sales, but this amendment already is being met with stark opposition, because earlier, prior to the vote, senators mike paul and ted cruz released a joint statement including that the "it is expected that the toomey/manchin provision will replace the current language regarding background check, yet as of this morning not a single senator has been provided the legislative language of this provision, because the background check measure is a centerpiece of this legislation, it is critical that we know what is in to vote on it. that makes sense to me. how are you? >> i'm fine. how are you? i was on line trying to find the language. i thought this was so strange. this is a bill everyone is talking about, and we can't find the toomey/manchin compromise. >> sean: what bothers me most you, you look at aurora, newtown, there's nothing proposed here, not a single thing that would have prevented the tragedy. >> right. >> sean: i have a solution. i would put retired mil
, the answers, please? >> this one from joe summer. he says it's only 11:30 here on the hawaiian islands so we have not been to bed yet. >> that's fantastic. you know something? i say we all go to hawaii and watch this show in the hawaiian islands! hawaii, here we come! great show, everyone. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >> hey, welcome to "morning joe." it's friday, april 12th. a beautiful, beautiful look at sunny times square this early this morning. i think it's supposed to get up to 37. >> i know. >> maybe the guy from the red neck rivera nothing says spring like 37, willie geist, and freezing rain. >> they promised to give us one nice day. it was 76 and sunny and said spring is here. today, it's 50 and rainy. >> it is horrible. but it's always summer in our hearts, our friends. always summer in our hearts. i want to go home! >> yes, you do. i want to go to pensacola. come, james! >> i'm just going to go watch "42" and watch a baseball movie. >> you'll feel good. >> yeah. >> you come over to my hometown much? >> every loves going to pensacola and everybody loves that mullet beach. >>
his olds mobile into the wal-mart on story road in san jose and started beating people up. kpix joe vazquez shows us what it was like inside that store right after the crash. joe? >> reporter: allen, you can see the front entrance here all boarded up. otherwise shoppers are going about their business. i spoke to a man who tells me that, you know, it was just the same kind of normal when that man came crashing through. >> it's surreal. >> reporter: he was shopping in the pharmacy seion when he heard the noise. he took his phone out and started shooting this video. >> it was loud. i thought it was an earthquake, a lot of things went in my mind. >> reporter: no earthquake, but a car that crashed through the front window. that's not all. police say the driver, 33-year- old hamid got out and started swinging in what appeared to be a metal bar, cracking an employee over the head. they catch a glimpse of the chaos after other shoppers tackled the driver and held him down for police. >> that's the gu the driver right there. >> reporter: what were people doing around him? >> they're trying t
chances, voters are a little less forgiving. >>> coming up on "morning joe," a live interview with mark sanford. with us right now, the chief white house correspondent from politico, mike allen. thanks for getting up early today. as we look ahead to the showdown with elisabeth colbert, it could be a close contest. >> mark sanford could lose this. south carolina is such a republican state. he's in the tank with women. he's running against a woman complicates things. not a single member of the south carolina delegation in congress supported him. that's seven republicans. nobody had come out for him. he's casting himself as a candidate of redemption. figures in south carolina are not so sure. >> stick around. we have another story for you. not to get ahead of ourselves, the 2016 race. hillary clinton delivered her first speech since leaving the state department. she was honoring her former chief of staff at a leadership award. it's an organization she created as first lady in 1997. she laid out her map for women. >> maps can tell us as much about ourselves as about the world around us. now
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